Energy efficiency, using renewable energy, net zero goals and pathways, and taking climate action are all good for business and our shared ecosystem.

We make this happen.

Unlocking the benefits of the energy transition

  • We created Presync expressly to help improve the sustainability of the Australian built environment.  
  • We focus on the intersection of technology, innovation and sustainability where it applies to the energy and property sectors. 
  • We are small and nimble with deep professional experience in energy, decarbonisation, innovation, change management, risk management, property development, embodied carbon, climate mitigation and adaptation, and sustainability.
  • We are dot connectors and systems integrators.
  • We pride ourselves on our good relationships within industry and the sustainability movement.
  • Presync was established in February 2014 by Ben Waters, a former GE executive and Hudson Worsley a former Stockland national sustainability manager. We have many years’ relevant experience in integrated sustainable energy concepts, strategies and project implementation.
  • Presync’s relationships and ability to quickly pull together the right people, skills and technologies allow us to help deliver measurable sustainability benefits. 
  • As a B-Corporation, Presync is excited to be supporting the uptake of innovative renewable energy solutions and contributing to the energy transition and net zero targets, now well underway.
  • We recognise the potential complexity involved in moving beyond the proven status quo in the delivery and management of energy, water and waste services and in the electrification of transport.  But this is where the biggest opportunities lie, and with due diligence, open communication and a business-case-driven approach, we are confident that together we can build a new, more efficient way to deliver these vital services.

If you pay a large electricity bill, we can help you.


Smart, synchronised infrastructure can help reduce your costs and achieve your sustainability goals without costing you more. A win for you and a win for our environment.

  • We deliver well-managed projects enriched with deep analysis and commercial acumen. Our network gives us access to a breadth of expertise and range of perspectives and ensures a holistic view of a deeply interconnected future with multiple constraints.
  • We created Presync expressly to help improve the sustainability of the Australian built environment. We are an innovative company formed to advise on, deliver and operate well-integrated local clean energy and water systems. In particular we focus on the inevitable decentralisation, democratisation and decarbonisation of energy, starting with optimising the energy performance of the built form.
  • We are a dynamic team with deep experience and passion for projects covering: 
    • Net-zero emissions strategies and target setting, achieving carbon neutrality through Climate Active certification, 
    • Negotiating and contract support on renewable energy purchase power agreements (PPA)
    • Energy, carbon and economic modelling to build the business case for action
    • Change management to understand risks and opportunities and to support implementation, 
    • Climate literacy, risk management, climate adaptation pathways
    • Lower embodied carbon material selection and procurement.  
  • The convergence of emerging technologies and the need for cleaner, affordable living means that developers and communities are now able to sustain their precincts with affordable local resources.

For more detail on our project capabilities please see the links below:

Benefits include

  • Simplify the complexity of energy
  • Identify energy, carbon efficiencies and cost savings
  • Appropriately-scaled local infrastructure
  • Deployed in stages for greater capital efficiency
  • Reduced operational expenditure
  • Reduced exposure to energy price risks
  • Improved resilience to climate and natural hazard risks
  • Ongoing support to meet your growing needs


Environmental Sustainability Strategy

  • With decades of experience in sustainability, we help organisations prepare a sustainability strategy that evaluates current performance, identifies opportunities for improvement over a realistic timeframe and then develops the pathway to achieve real impacts, such as net zero pathways.
  • Where relevant, we take the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding framework and then look to develop a meaningful strategy, tailored to your organisation which will lead to positive impacts.

We suggest preparing a sustainability strategy in two components:

Firstly, a high-level Strategy, which is a communication document which includes a strategy overview that sets out:
  • Sustainability vision for your organisation and objectives and goals of the strategy
  • What sustainability initiatives should be undertaken, including selection criteria to assess the materiality of the environmental impact, cost to implement, risk (financial, safety, reputation) and ease of implementation 
  • Why each initiative is important and anticipated benefits and costs
  • How initiatives can be achieved and best communicated
  • When initiatives should be undertaken as part of a multi-year program
This is accompanied by an Action Plan, which will summarise the current situation for each element of sustainability and suggested future work to improve performance in the following areas:
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste and materials
  • Carbon
  • Embodied carbon
  • Biodiversity
  • Transport
  • Climate change risk and adaptation

Benefits include

  • Evidence-based target setting
  • Internationally-recognised sustainability frameworks
  • Industry and location-specific solutions
  • Supports your social licence to operate
  • Access to a broad network of expertise

Technologies synchronised with your precinct

Presync makes sense of the complexity of emerging infrastructure technologies in the context of an evolving regulatory landscape. We synchronise the best clean technologies for your benefit. We plan, design and deploy customised local power solutions so your organisation can prosper today and in the future. We work to meet the various needs of different types of precincts. Our customised solutions harness local clean energy in an integrated microgrid to meet precinct utility and transport needs.
icon-1 Education campuses
icon-2 Hospitals
icon-3 Shopping centres
icon-4 Aged care facilities
icon-5 Islands
icon-6 Airports
icon-7 Master-planned communities
icon-8 Hotels & entertainment
icon-9 Defence bases
icon-10 Remote communities

We are able to do this because we:

  • Have the skills and professional experience to deliver a well-managed project enriched with deep analysis and commercial acumen
  • Are strategic thinkers, taking a business-case-led approach to achieve commercial, community and environmental outcomes
  • Help customers navigate the financial, technology, engineering and regulatory components of local infrastructure planning, delivery and operations
  • Design solutions that best address local needs by integrating the best technology within the evolving regulatory environment, working with utilities
  • Work with an ecosystem of experts with deep specialist and technical skills, and have good relationships with the relevant government agencies 
  • Deliver uniquely-customised and integrated solutions which work today and will grow and operate sustainably over the decades to come
  • Provide continuity and consistency throughout the lifecycle of a project

The Presync Approach

We put a lot of effort into understanding your organisation to make sure that our advice suits what you do and will lead to a positive impact.  We are systems thinkers because complex problems need integrated, holistic solutions.

We love data. We take an evidence-based approach to our work; building customised models to evaluate energy, carbon and infrastructure opportunities.

Our business-case-led approach to decision making allows the evaluation of various options using simple payback, NPV and IRR outcomes to help clients decide the best solution.

We keep up to date with leading-edge technologies and market innovations so that we can harness the best technologies and commercial models.  We also keep a keen eye on the cleantech world and next-generation technologies and business models so our customers know what is coming.

Risk management is a key part of our thinking.  Evaluating business-as-usual risks is as important as understanding the risks of new opportunities.

Stakeholder engagement is vital.  We have developed a suite of educational materials and presentations to build internal capability which are always tailored to the particular audience.

Our clients come from a broad range of industries across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  Our professional experience and contacts mean that as well as providing practical project advice, we are equally comfortable undertaking research into the latest technology, policy and regulatory aspects of the renewables and cleantech markets.

We see a real synergy in the crossover of strategy and practical project implementation.

Our project work benefits from being across the latest technologies and policy context, whilst our strategic consulting work is enriched by up to date commercial acumen in the application of cleantech solutions.  Our research projects come with a strong flavour of commercial reality drawn from real experience implementing projects in many sectors of the economy.

Our Partners

Presync works with the industry experts best suited to each project; matching the best technical skills and experience to the client need.  As system integrators and dot connectors we bring together a unique team for each project, using Presync resources and our ecosystem of experts.

Presync is technology-agnostic and vendor-agnostic.  We receive no commercial return from suppliers when it comes time to help you select the most appropriate technologies, components and systems.  But by bringing trusted relationships to the table, we ensure that we offer objective, tailored and project-specific advice to best meet your needs.

Our Clients

Our clients come from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Our professional experience and network mean we are equally comfortable providing practical project advice or strategic advice on the latest technology, policy and regulatory aspects of the renewables, infrastructure and cleantech markets.

There are synergies between the two streams of our work; project work benefits from the latest technology and policy context, strategic work is enriched by current experience applying cleantech solutions in the real world.  

Here are some of the clients we have been working with:

Our Team

Presync is made up of a team of multidisciplinary infrastructure specialists; broad systems thinkers with a diverse range of experience. We are excited about the opportunity to provide communities with better access to cheap, clean, local resources.

Ben Waters

Founder & Director

Leads systems thinking, energy and sustainability strategy and detailed business case development
  • Deep knowledge of renewable power systems, case studies and extensive network of expert contacts
  • National leader in grid procurement of renewable electricity
  • 17 years’ experience at GE, including 6 years as an executive in the roles Commercial Director Australia/NZ and Director Ecomagination
  • Sustainability thought leader, former Chair of Sustainable Business Australia
  • Ben holds a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering with Honours and a Graduate Diploma of Computer Science

Hudson Worsley

Founder & Director

Leads engagement and built environment planning, climate change risk assessment and adaptation
  • Strong knowledge of sustainability and climate risk drivers and solutions in property, infrastructure and energy sectors
  • Chair of MECLA (Material Embodied Carbon Leaders Alliance)
  • Former National Sustainability Manager for Stockland’s residential business and energy sector business consultant with Arthur Andersen
  • Vincent Fairfax Fellow
  • Hudson holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Business and a Masters of Environmental Management

Initiatives we support:

B Corporation: Presync is proud to be a Certified B Corporation. We are among a growing number of businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.
Business Renewables Centre: Presync is a founding member of the Business Renewables Centre, which aims to accelerate corporate purchasing of large-scale grid renewables.  Ben Waters was chair of the BRC's predecessor- the WWF Renewable Energy Buyers’ Forum - from 2015 to 2018 and is now a member of the Business Renewables Centre Technical Advisory Panel
Sustainable Development Goals: Presync uses the UN Global Goals as a framework for customer sustainability strategies and is also a contributor to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development work on sustainable mobility which contributes to the United Nations partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Presync head office is based in the WWF Zero Carbon Hub in Ultimo NSW, a space established to foster new businesses working towards our zero carbon future. It is a terrific place to work, surrounded by values-aligned professionals, and lots cuddly toy pandas!

MECLA: The Materials and Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA) drives the reduction of embodied carbon through the collaboration of industry participants across the construction and infrastructure ecosystem.  MECLA is on a mission to help make the materials used in the building and construction of our cities and towns meet Net Zero carbon targets that align with the Paris Agreement. Hudson helped set up MECLA with WWF and Climate-KIC and is the current chair. 

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