Carbon Minimisation Projects

Presync works with you to reduce your emissions and become carbon neutral as cost-effectively as possible. 

Our experience in carbon minimisation is highly transferable to the planning and direction-setting work being undertaken by councils in shaping the energy and carbon efficiency of new development, be it high, medium or low density.

Presync is actively engaged with a range of Australian businesses, including listed property companies and private developers, to reduce their carbon footprint.  Our approach is to look first at energy efficiency opportunities including process improvements, then examine local clean generation and demand management options including energy storage and demand response, before suggesting purchase of grid renewables for the remaining requirements, and only as a last resort suggesting carbon offset strategies.  On all projects we suggest real-time energy monitoring and analytics as an early project. Availability of real-time data brings energy to front of mind, helps find improvement opportunities and verifies the impact of any interventions made.

In a recent project we performed a rigorous evaluation of potential energy efficiency and on-site generation projects at multiple sites in multiple states for a listed corporate.  The results were summarised for management action using a marginal abatement cost curve and the resulting projects are now being implemented.